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Red Bluff Park of Study and Reflection

This is our very first park on the West Coast. Check it out at


Silo’s Message

Silo’s Message was born in 2002, organized around the book by that name. The book has three parts:

The Book, previously known as The Inner Look
The Experience, offered in the form of eight ceremonies (Service, Laying on of Hands, Well-being, Marriage, Protection, Assistance, Death, and Recognition),
The Path, a set of reflections and suggestions on personal, interpersonal and social life.

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Commentaries on Silo’s Message

On March, 2009, Silo wrote ‘Commentaries on Silo’s Message.’ It consists of commentaries on the The Book, the Experience and the Path.

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Manual for Messengers

The Practices and Formative Themes are meant to be carried out at the Centers of Work of the Parks for Study and Reflection, but they can also be worked at the Neighborhood Halls and meeting centers.

Download the Manual for Messengers: of Formative Themes and Practices

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