About us

We are a group of friends from different countries and ages who want to share the experience of Silo’s Message with others. We aspire to surpass pain and suffering, learn without limits and love the reality we build. We believe in treating others the way we’d like to be treated and in finding coherence between what we do, what we feel and what we think.

The Message is not a religion, but is open to people of all beliefs as well as those with none. The Message is an expression of the spirituality that has awakened from its deep sleep to nurture the best aspirations of the human being. It is not a business, all our activities are open and free of charge.

What is Silo’s Message?

The Message is the expression of the “Profound”, of the interiority of human spirit that is able to transcend the times and spaces where our “I” moves. The Message is the means through which we can place ourselves in the presence of the Sacred.

The Message is formalized in The Book (The Inner Look), The Experience (Ceremonies), and The Path (Phrases for Meditation). You can read more about it on our Links section.

We have weekly meetings of Experience and Discussion. The Experience takes place through different ceremonies, which can produce spiritual inspiration and positive changes in daily life. The Discussion is about personal, interpersonal and social experiences.

Our story

In 2014 people from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mozambique, and Italy, came to Oakland to share the Message. It was an organized group of friends who rented an apartment near Telegraph and 28th Street to share open meetings. Some of them stayed for weeks, some for a few months. As volunteers, we would reach out to people in community colleges, parks, around Lake Merritt, and other places nearby, inviting them to talk, do ceremonies of well-being, and connect with their inner force. This mission was a big effort, done with conviction and from their very best intentions, financed from their own pockets. After 14 months of this big push and contacting hundreds of people, this project concluded and the apartment lease expired.

Between 2015 and 2017 messengers in the Bay Area continued hosting weekly meetings in different open spaces and friends’ apartments. It was very warm to continue getting together, deepening our friendships and internal experiences, and continuing with this process. However, we had difficulties irradiating the message, sharing it with others. It was hard for new people to come to someone’s apartment and for us to bring strangers we just met to our homes. We started looking for storefronts to rent, but rent prices were way too high for our small group to afford. But little miracles happen! Friends that we met during our stay in Telegraph and from other nearby communities wanted to help us and contribute to the rent, and we were able to find a space at a decent price. With their help, our small group of friends is able to cover the monthly expenses. We don’t have a lot of resources, but we are determined to keep this space open and reweave the social fabric in our neighborhood.

This is our story. We had our humble grand opening on May 4th, 2018, and since then we’ve been hosting weekly meetings, potlucks (before the pandemic), kids’ workshops, and different activities to strengthen our communities and give our world direction. Helping people and learning together to surpass violence, overcome suffering, and find meaning in our lives, transforming ourselves and connecting with the sacred spaces inside of us, letting them inspire our daily actions and the construction of a new world.